On the occasion of the World Immunization Week, and under the theme “#VaccinesWork”, Sanofi Pasteur held training workshops that brought together local and regional experts to discuss immunization, importance of vaccination, prevention methodologies, and pre- planning schemes to protect nations against diseases and ultimately promote the wellbeing of its population.

The workshops were launched, emphasizing the necessity of awareness in providing the vaccinations to fight a range of infectious, and often fatal, diseases as well as various disabilities.
The focus was on the need to maintain continuous high coverage rates of vaccination in order to prevent outbreaks and re-emergence of vaccine preventable diseases as well as the important role of healthcare professionals as a trusted source of vaccine information, and the role of media in informing and educating the public on the importance of, and trust in, vaccinations.

In Jordan, the National Immunization Program keeps track of the latest vaccines in accordance with the epidemiological situation of the region.